One of the biggest challenges facing school districts today is cybersecurity. Cybercrimes constantly evolve, and employees need to stay one step ahead. Training resonates best as a year-round, relevant initiative delivered in bite-sized pieces.  

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COVID Cyber Crimes

Learn more about criminal cyber threats during the COVID-19 pandemic and how these risks can potentially impact Texas school districts.
Presented by Special Agent Brett Leatherman, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dallas Division

Cybersecurity articles

Teacher salaries, student transportation, and facilities maintenance are just a handful of the many line items on school districts’ budgets. Right now, criminals could be trying to steal your much-needed funds and, ultimately, compromise your ability to deliver a quality education to Texas schoolchildren.

7 tips for protecting your district from cybercriminals, InsideRM blog

To keep the cybersecurity conversation going, deliver nuggets of educational content through employee newsletters, the intranet, and internal social networks.

Cybersecurity it not just an IT thing, InsideRM blog

In 2018, education had the highest number of ransomware attacks of any industry. What can school districts do right now to prevent cyber attacks? Learn more from Lucas Anderson, privacy and cyber risk consultant for TASB Risk Management Services, about cybersecurity basics and how to prevent costly mistakes. 

Cybersecurity for school districts, TASB Talks podcast

Cybersecurity isn’t just a technical problem. It’s a people problem, and it’s impacting districts across the state. School districts are a target-rich environment, holding protected health information, personally identifiable information, payroll and tax information, and more. 

Why you should develop cybersecurity standards, InsideRM blog