Our Focus: Safety, Liquidity, and Yield

The Lone Star Investment Pool serves government entities with diverse funds that allow you to tailor a portfolio to your unique risk tolerance level and need for asset liquidity. Find out about Lone Star's three funds—the Government Overnight Fund, Corporate Overnight Fund, and Corporate Overnight Plus Fund —to see which provides the best avenue to achieving your goals.

Lone Star aims to preserve the safety of your principal while positioning you for the highest possible rate of return on your investment. We limit investments only to those allowed by the Public Funds Investment Act. Certain funds within the Pool feature other investment restrictions to further help protect your principal. We spread investments among individual issues of securities that mature at different times, reducing your risk even more. To ensure you always have up-to-date investment valuations, each fund is marked-to-market daily.

With so many clients entrusting their money to us, Lone Star has enough scale to buy securities in large quantities, lifting yields and lowering transaction costs for everyone. This large pool also allows us to choose securities that mature at different times, which can enhance yields as well. This blend of scale and timing, refined by the investment guidance of two professional portfolio managers, helps us maximize the total return earned by each Lone Star fund.

Each Lone Star fund has earned Standard & Poor's highest rating (AAA), which meets the standards set by the Public Funds Investment Act.